The competition

3 teams will compete against each other with the goal of touring the country in the most sustainable way possible.

During the trip, each team will have a budget in "Climates" (fictional currency) to manage.

The competition1

The "Climate" Coin

“Climate” is a fictional currency that will assess the degree of sustainability of each team action.

The currency will monitor the participants' choices throughout the competition through 4 evaluation vectors:

The "Climate" Coin1 The "Climate" Coin2 The "Climate" Coin3 The "Climate" Coin4

Game rules

Throughout the trip, each team will have a Climate budget to manage

The objective of each team will be to spend as few climates as possible.
During the competition, the teams will have to overcome several challenges where they will have the opportunity to involve the population in the game and recover some “climates”.
The winning team will be the one that reaches the end having made the most sustainable route, that is, the one that spends less “climates”.
As a prize, you will have the opportunity to travel to Dubai, in December 2023, and participate in COP 28, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change

The teams

Are you over 18 and want to be part of this trip?

Applications until April 23rd.

Before applying, check here if you are eligible to participate in the contest.

The Project

A Viagem pelo Clima is a competition developed within the framework of Cooler World - a movement created by Get2C, with the aim of informing and inspiring the population towards Carbon Neutrality and a more sustainable life.


  1. Mobilize Portuguese society for the urgent climate transition in an appealing and challenging way.
  2. Contribute to the mobilization of Portuguese municipalities on the path to decarbonization.
  3. Demonstrate the influence of each person's lifestyle on their carbon footprint and water footprint, analyzing the impact that their daily choices (transport, food and water consumption) have on the Planet.
Image with trees and a cloud (Co2)

Our daily choices have the power to influence the course of the planet.



Catarina Matos

Founder and CEO of Mind the Trash

ana milhazes

Ana Milhazes

Sociologist | Activist | Author of the blog “Ana, Go Slowly”

Francisco Araújo

Francisco Araújo

Civic Entrepreneur | Teacher | Founder of 'Os 230

Conceição Zagalo

Conceição Zagalo

Social Entrepreneur | Teacher | Communicator

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Em 2021, em parceria com a Earth Watchers, levmos 3 equipas a competir entre si, numa viagem de Lisboa a Glasgow, da forma mais sustentvel possvel e com o maior impacto positivo nas suas comunidades.Tambm levaram consigo um oramento em Climas e todos
Em 2021, em parceria com a Earth Watchers, levámos...
Queres fazer parte da mudana e ajudar a mobilizar a sociedade portuguesa para a urgente transio climtica? Ajudar a demonstrar a influncia dos estilos de vida na nossa pegada carbnica e pegada hdrica?Gostavas de estar presente na COP28, no Dubai?  Ent
Queres fazer parte da mudança e ajudar a mobilizar...
Se achas que este desafio  para ti, fica atent@ porque as candidaturas vo abrir brevemente! A Viagem pelo Clima  um projeto no mbito do Cooler World, um Movimento rumo  neutralidade carbnica.#COP28 #climatechange #alteraesclimticas#desenvolvimentosus
Se achas que este desafio é para ti, fica atent@ p...
De norte a sul de Portugal, a viagem pelo Clima que te vai levar  COP 28, no Dubai!Novidades brevemente. #COP28 #climatechange #alteraesclimticas#desenvolvimentosustentavel #descarbonizacao#neutralidadecarbonica #carbonneutrality#decarbonization #sus
De norte a sul de Portugal, a viagem pelo Clima qu...

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